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Our Continuing Education Programs

Since 2001 the RN-Coder Network  has provided continuing education for RN-Coder Basic Training,  RN-Auditor Compliance Institute, and RN-Coder ICD10 Academy training forRegistered Nurses, physicians, and other clinical professionals in correct coding.  All CE programs available online 24/7 too! Self-paced, no time limits, ready when you are.  

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- RN-Coder ICD10 Academy         

ALL 3 PROGRAMS, AVAILABLE ONLINE 24/7 & YOU MAY ALSO ATTEND A 5-DAY LIVE CLASS IN VEGAS.  OFFER ENDS December 30, 2014.  PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE INFO.   *The RN-Coder COMBO Pkg (All 3 programs, one lower price) will be discontinued Dec. 31st, 2015,

American Association of Clinical Coders & Auditors Certification Testing is Also Included in the RN-Coder COMBO Pkg -- You must be a member of AACCA to take your exams.  Go to www.AACCA.net for details.


"One of the Best Skills Set Nurses Can Add to Their Careers Today!" -- Betty T. Jordan,  "A Nurse's Perspective on Health IT"

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CLICK HERE to read "What is Point-of-Care Coding?"                

CLICK HERE to read "Why Get Certified?"


"Code Green: Nurses Need to Know Coding Now!" article

Literally MILLIONS of Primary Care Patient Charts are being reviewed as you read this!  Medicare Advantage Plans (Medicare HMOs) are trying to be reimbursed by Medicare -- and they need Certified RN-Coders who can (1) read a chart, (2) identify documentation which will prove the (3) patient's chronic diagnose(s) and manifestations.


                                  Earn 40 CE contact hours per completed program for your nursing license.                                   Approved Provider of the California Board of Registered Nursing  CEP#13482


RN-Coder Network teaches you how to "code," review patient charts for a wide variety of audits, teaches you the fundamentals of how to prevent & detect fraud & abuse -- and how to start your own business  (if you want) providing these services as a "Vendor" rather than as an employee.


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What is “Point-of-Care Coding?”

            POCC is the coding of medical procedures and services and the patient’s condition –at the “Point-of-Care” – up close, where the action is.  In other words, POCC is performed by an RN who either provided the care or assisted the physician in providing the care.  This can be in an inpatient or outpatient setting, in the physician’s office, in the Emergency Department, in the cardiac catheterization lab – anywhere patient care is being delivered.

            Point of Care Coding has been demonstrated to alleviate issues such as lost charges – either the service or supply was never documented in the patient’s record – or it was missed during the clerical coding phase in medical records.  It has also eliminated incorrect coding when applied by a Certified    RN-Coder who has completed a 125-hour continuing education program.

            Point of Care Coding performed by a Certified RN-Coder assures that everything is documented correctly – then he or she applies the correct procedure and supply codes, as well as the diagnosis code(s)  (or signs and symptoms) for the patient’s condition. 

            In the fast-paced Emergency Department, for example, a Certified RN-Coder who has an ED nursing background, will be the best staff member to assure everything is documented and then do the coding of it BEFORE the chart leaves the unit – or in EHR terms – BEFORE the chart is signed off  and closed. However, to be effective, this person must be able to provide ONLY coding and documentation functions, rather than nursing functions.

            A Certified RN-Coder would also be able to assess other departmental coding related to the patient’s care, such as laboratory testing results, imaging reports, pharmaceutical orders and administration, to be sure there is a cohesive and correct “picture” of the patient’s care. 

            “This is what we did (CPT procedure coding, HCPCS supply coding).”  And  “This is why we did it.,” (ICD9 coding of conditions, Present on Admission, signs and symptoms), is how Joyce Thomas, a healthcare administrator for over 30 years primarily in medical practice management, describes the coding process for nurses and physicians. 

            “When a Certified RN-Coder checks the documentation and performs the coding process BEFORE the patient leaves the unit – correct coding happens MOST of the time, eliminating the need for expensive re-billing, appeals, etc.” states Thomas.  “Third party reimbursement and compliance with state and federal regulations is assured.”  


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These tests ensure that your system meets the basic technical requirements, to successfully run or attend a live class on WizIQ.  If any test fails, follow the on-screen suggestions to resolve the issue.  WizIQ provides FREE 24/7 support "chat" to assist you at all times when viewing RN-Coder programs.  Our programs "work," if you have a qualified system.  Please test it by clicking this link. 
it is your responsibility to be sure you have a system which will enable you to run our continuing education programs.  We will not make refunds for our programs based on any claim that they do not work on your system.

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 Through the RN-Coder Network, Joyce Thomas has been training Registered Nurses, physicians and other clinical professionals in correct coding and how to perform chart reviews for a wide variety of audits since 2001. Since 2008 the programs have been available online 24/7, no time limits, self-paced. Continuing education credit for licensing is provided by SMRS, an approved California Board of Registered Nursing CE provider, CEP# 13482. Most state nursing and medical boards accept CE credit from other boards.

There are three CE programs available at this time:

  •  RN-Coder BASIC Training
  •  RN-Auditor COMPLIANCE Institute
  •  RN-Coder ICD10 Academy

“In the first few years of ICD10 coding, Certified RN-Coders will be indispensable for assuring complete data collection,” states Thomas. “There should be one of every shift and on every unit, to be sure everything goes well for revenue integrity and optimal reimbursement.” Remember, your facility or medical practice is building it’s future fee profile with every payer – and Point of Care Coding will assure more accuracy, with a correct fee profile as the result.



“In the first few years of ICD10 coding, Certified RN-Coders will be indispensable for assuring complete data collection,” states Thomas. “There should be one of every shift and on every unit, to be sure everything goes well for revenue integrity and optimal reimbursement.” Remember, your facility or medical practice is building it’s future fee profile with every payer – and Point of Care Coding will assure more accuracy, with a correct fee profile as the result. 

All pricing is subject to change without notice.

~ Providing Expert Continuing Education for RNs Nationwide~
Memberships/Associations: CE Provider - American Association of Clinical Coders & Auditors


Licensed by the California Board of Registered Nursing | CA BRN CEP#13482

ICD-9-CM Procedure vs. ICD-10-PCS Format

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About Us

Count on the skilled professionals at RN-Coder Network for national RN-Coder training. We have more than 25 years of experience in the health information industry, and RN-Coder Network has been in business since 2001.

We are the only continuing education agency that is dedicated to training nursing and medical staff in compliant coding and documentation reviews for facilities, private practice, government agencies and insurers. RN-Coder Network provides accelerated higher level training for clinical personnel, and our students are always satisfied with our training services.  Preparing for ICD10 implementation from the clinical perspective is our specialty.

Joyce Thomas founded RN-Coder Network in July, 2001 in response to Medicare's requirement for all outpatient services to be coded with Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) from the American Medical Association.

The baby in the picture is Leilani, Joyce's "Internet Baby" born online in May, 2010 at AquaNatal Birth Center in California -- over 1000 people "attended" Leilani's birth online, from all over the US and from several countries.  And RICKI LAKE WAS ONLINE WITH US too!  

GO TO www.AmazingBabiesLV.com to see Joyce's midwifery practice website.

Joyce is a Certified Professional Midwife, licensed by the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM).She earned the Associate Science in Midwifery degree from the National College of Midwifery.  As a former healthcare administrator, her background is in medical practice administration.  She holds a Masters of Science degree in Healthcare Administration (MHA) from the University of LaVerne, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from San Diego State, and an Associate Science degree in Nursing from Mohegan Community College in Connecticut.  Joyce has over 30 years' experience in coding, medical management and compliance activities for medical practices and outpatient hospital. 

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DISCLAIMER: SMRS|RN-Coder Network, LLC provides continuing education programs for nurses, physicians, physical therapists and other licensed clinical professionals. SMRS is an approved CE provider of the California Board of Registered Nurses, CEP# 13482 in good standing since 2001.
We do not guarantee a job or sell a business opportunity. We make no guarantee of earnings after successful completion of our certificate programs.  We are not a job placement company.
The case studies provided in class are from some of our top students who have shared their success with us.  These results are not typical.  Many of our students do not apply the education and strategies for obtaining a position in revenue integrity or payment integrity, and therefore do not obtain employment.   These students purchased a license to use at least one of our educational certificate programs, and possibly all three.
Attending RN-Coder programs in Las Vegas, taught by Joyce L. Thomas, is OPTIONAL and all programs may be completed online.  Our online education partner is WizIQ, which is solely responsible for all support of its online education delivery systems.