AACCA:  RN-Coder & RN-Auditor Certification

The RN-Coder | RN-Auditor training programs prepare ALL clinical personnel for certification testing by the American Association of Clinical Coders & Auditors.  You are also prepared for all other NON-CLINICAL certification testing as well.  For details, go to www.AACCA

Comments from credentialed AACCA Members:

"I had to take the CPC-H exam because my employer required it.  But my CRN-C is the most important credential I've earned since I received my RN license -- because I know I was trained and tested at a higher level."  --Susan Johnson, Florida

"Having my CRN-C and CRN-A credentials is how I obtained my auditor position with _______ Health Plan.  These were the credentials with which I qualified for the highest level positions with this payer." -- Ann Roberts, Illinois

"I'm glad I had the chance to take the CRN-C and CRN-A testing with AACCA.  Why would I take a

RN-Coder ,RN-Auditor Certification in Diamond Bar, CA
test developed for high school graduates with no clinical experience?  That would have been like an RN with a BSN degree taking a test developed for a CNA!" -- Marcia Lewis, California


The American Association of Clinical Coders and Auditors was founded in 2003 by a group of Masters-degreed Registered Nurses to provide consistent higher-level testing and certification of RNs, physicians and other clinical professionals in correct coding concepts, compliance with Federal compliance guidance, and performance of chart reviews for a wide variety of audit activities, including fraud and abuse prevention/detection. Registered Nurses are uniquely qualified to perform correct coding at the patient's bedside, in the outpatient department, or review charts to assure correct coding.  Coding by nurses during and immediately after a service provides results in accurate documentation and correct coding.

For specific information about AACCA, please go to www.AACCA.net


RN-Coder Certification (CRN-C)

A Certified RN-Coder applies the correct CPT, ICD9 (soon ICD10CM) codes to services in the outpatient department, clinic, or physician office.  Certified RN-Coder  reviews Charts for correct coding prospectively to assure all coding going out of a facility or provider's office is correct and documented. As it is said in nursing school, “if you didn't chart it, you didn't do it.”   Now you can't code it!  Most Certified RN-Coders code what they know clinically, such as the ED, the Cardiac Cath. Lab, or the ambulatory surgery unit.

As nurses understand the procedures and services being provided, and because they work closely with physicians, nurses are the only staff authorized to clarify a physician's orders.   

Nurses with RN-Coder training can see which charges should be added and assure they are properly documented. This results in fewer missed charges, and a higher and correct reimbursement for all services provided.

RN-Auditor Certification (CRN-A)

Certified RN-Auditors review a provider's medical documentation retrospectively, and work for either hospitals or insurers, as well as government agencies. Certified RN-Auditors are responsible for checking to assure coded charges submitted were actually performed as documented. This work helps avoid Medicare and insurance fraud.

RN-Coder ICD10 Certification  (CRN-C10)

Nurses who have been trained and tested are certified to provide ICD10CM and ICD10PCS coding and documentation support.  Currently Certified RN-Coders10 will provide "dual coding"(simultaneous ICD9 and ICD10)  oversight -- While at the patient's bedside or in the outpatient setting, nurses with the Certified RN-Coder10 credential are uniquely qualified to assist in the ICD10 implementation -- in all care settings and for all providers.  Already able to correctly read a patient's chart, clarify physician orders, nurses who are certified in ICD10 will assure correct application of ICD10CM and ICD10PCS codes to the patient's record in a timely manner -- when and where the service was provided, rather than waiting several days for medical records to accomplish this important financial and legal function.

Contact RN-Coder Network to request more information about our RN-Coder ICD10, RN-Auditor and RN-Coder Certification programs.  Go to AACCA.net for details and to register for membership and certification testing.



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