Have You Completed the RN-Coder Program?

Already an RN-Coder?

Have you been certified by the American Association of Clinical Coders & Auditors already?  Go to www.AACCA.net for details.  You must maintain your membership in AACCA to maintain your AACCA RN-Coder credential.  And turn in 40 CE contact hours (maybe from a different RN-Coder CE program?) every 2 years.
CLICK HERE to re-join AACCA!

Perhaps you are certified by another organization, such as AAPC or AHIMA.  That's great -- but did you know those exams are created by and for non-clinical clerical personnel with 2 years post high school experience?  Go to www.AACCA.net   for details.  If you are an experienced ICD10CM coder you probably could take  the AACCA exam without having to enroll in an RN-Coder CE program.

RN-Coder Virtual Office

Coming soon!  This company has been re-organized to go after coding contracts with Veterans Administration hospitals.  If you know about this process, you will agree it can be hectic!

We have a "secret weapon" -- a disabled veteran who is  President & CEO now -- and who is helping the new company apply for VA coding contracts.  His participation qualifies RN-Coder Virtual Office for required "set-aside" contracts that must be awarded first to companies owned at least 51% by a disabled veteran.  

Our goal in 2017 is to add at least 1000 --  2500 Certified 
RN-Coders to our list of qualified coders for these multi-year contracts.  Get on board Nurses!

Are you an RN-Coder student who registered in 2012-2016 but has who not finished?  If so, please be advised that your program will not be supported after June 30th, 2017.  If you have a COMBO pkg, your AACCA exam(s) will be available free thru June 30, 2017.  You may want to consider upgrading to the new RN-Coder STAT program which now combines RN-Coder CPT Basic Training with RN-Coder ICD10.    You will receive a FREE New RN-Auditor program (available May-June 2017) if you have registered for the upgrade.
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