RN-Coder Referral Program

Your Nurse Friends Can Make You $$ - You Can Make a Difference

RN-Coder Student Referral Program

RN-Coder Network values its continuing education students and is always looking for more qualified RNs to join the RN-Coder team. 

Current  RN-Coder students & grads who refer qualified nurses who register for the RN-Coder STAT CE program this year, will receive a bonus for each RN they refer who registers.   Remember NO CODING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

Bonus amount:   $100 gift card from any store of your choice.  You may earn an unlimited number of gift cards this year.  This for actual registrations.  You need only refer 10-15 RNs who register to earn back your own RN-Coder Registration fee. 

Record # referrals from 1 Certified RN-Coder: 46 (so far)

Please reach out to Richard Taylor at the RN-Coder office:   909-579-0507 for more details.

Please fill out the RN-Coder Nurse Referral Form below completely to refer someone to RN-Coder Network for training.  

RN-Coder Nurse Referral

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