RN-Coder Virtual Office

Introducing RN-Coder Virtual Office 

RN Coder Virtual Office
US-Based RN-Coders Apply ALL the Codes

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The RN-Coder Virtual Office, is currently working on contracts with the US Veterans Administration and will be hiring only Certified RN-Coders -- Any nurse who holds the "pure" ICD10 credential from the American Association of Clinical Coders & Auditors.  Go to www.AACCA.net  for membership and certification details.  If you need quick, online training in ICD10 or CPT coding (outpatient, physician services), CLICK HERE .   Please stay tuned as the Virtual Office (separate company) works it's way thru the process of being able to have "first-shot" at VA coding contracts.  Our new President, George Cochran, a service-disabled veteran owns controlling-interest 51% of this new company -- and that means the VA must "set-aside"contracts just for companies owned by Service-Disabled Veterans.  The RN-Coder Virtual Office is in this process a this writing (May, 2017).  

The RN-Coder Virtual Office is a nationwide network of nurses, who are Clinical Coding Experts certified in ICD10 and in CPT for outpatient and all medical specialities.  They provide excellent service for hospitals and physicians with 24-hour turnaround and 99% accuracy.  All reports are checked for accuracy -- but remember:   Nurses are the only staff who can clarify physician orders in all states, which means THESE Certified RN-Coders already have years of clinical experience in all departments and all medical specialties.  Most have Bachelor and Masters degrees, as well.

All healthcare providers must protect current reimbursement-- and understand that going forward, all payer contracts will be re-negotiated with ICD10 codes, and the resulting fee profiles will be based on ALL NEW CODES.

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