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RN-Auditor COMPLIANCE CE Program returns in BY EARK 2018.  You must be "fluent" in CPT, HCPCS, ICD10CM & ICD10PCS.  Or start the new RN-Coder 2-in-1 Online CE program today!

GMAIL ONLINE ACCOUNT ONLY.  Your program will be much more secure.

Apply your $1000 discount to your student textbooks & coding manuals.  

 If you decide to register for an RN-Coder online CE coding program, please set up a brand-new Gmail account first -- 
and use it for everything in the RN-Coder program.    See details below.
All Pricing is subject to change without notice.   Pricing cannot be changed after you place your order.
Thank You for your cooperation.
Order Your Student Text Books
Are you an Amazon Prime member?  You can use it to order your Coding Manuals~

You will need 2017 copies of the following coding manuals published by the American Medical Association (AMA):
  • Current Procedural Terminology CPT- published only by the AMA
  • HCPCS - Health Care Procedure Coding System - Any version
  • ICD-10-CM 
  • ICD-10-PCS 
  • Approximately $474*
Please consider ordering all AMA manuals from -- & choose "Cat House on the Kings" for Amazon to make a donation for you. You can order anything from and they will donate to the charity of your choice.  
* RN-Coder is not responsible for the pricing of the required student textbooks or the coding manuals.

2.   After you register,         DO THIS NEXT

We highly recommend you set up a Gmail account for your 
RN-Coder program -- AND -- use Google Chrome when accessing Mind-Tap & WizIQ. These 2 changes will really help you while working on your RN-Coder online CE program.

This form is to help us understand how to help you.          
Be sure you have:
1. Set up your Mind-Tap student account & run a System Check on your PC or MAC  (#1 on the left).

2. Set up your FREE student account, as you may need to use it for viewing the RN-Coder Chapter Web-casts. And run a Systems Check.

3. You must have the most current version of Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash & JAVA installed on your system to optimize video streaming.
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